SHINE (Reaktor Ensemble)


8-Voice Unisoned FM Synth with independent pitch controls!

Typical, common garden variety FM synths usually have something like 4 to 6 carrier oscillators that can behave as modulators in accordance with a pre-configured algorithm. Well, this is a bit different …

The architecture is similar to Big Pappa, however I kept the unison voices down to 8 because each carrier has its own modulator oscillator, which makes it somewhat unique because the unison detuning happens BEFORE the detuned pitch data reaches both the carrier and it’s corresponding modulator oscillator.

I find this setup eliminates the need for any chorusing effects, and has a very “shimmery” sound … hence the name.

Also, there are independent pitch controls for each of the 8 modulator oscillators in the “Modulator Pitch” section with a nifty little option to control the modulator pitch either in semitones or linear frequency values in hertz … as well as two pitch controls in the “Global Controls” section for even and odd numbered carrier oscillators.

The “Frequency Modulation” section has 4 modes for “Manual”, “Envelope”, “Envelope + LFO” and “LFO Only”, plus a “Random” parameter that offsets the LFO rate for a more spontaneous attenuation of the modulator signal.

Also, I’ve included a slightly upgraded version of my Cloud 9 reverb, just to make your sounds … well, you get the idea :)

Here’s the link: … show/8216/